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  • StickIt™ is a one solution product that can be used to fix drummy or delaminated tiles on both walls and floors. 
  • Using StickIt™ means you do not have to try to remove tiles risking breakage and avoiding the need to have to try to match an original tile or grout colour.
  • It can be used as a waterproof adhesive for timber joints, lifting carpet, laminates and linoleum.  
  • StickIt™ can be used to repair cracks on cement render or plaster walls rebonding and providing new structural integrity to the area and preventing further deterioration.
  • It is ideal for sealing between pavers or tiles to stop ants or weeds growing and can be used on natural stone, porcelain, travertine as well as concrete and clay pavers.
  • StickIt™ can also be used to fill air bubbles in paints and wallpaper.

  • This product has been designed with a home user in mind and comes with an easy-to-use kit which is refillable.

    Wall Tiles 1 Litre
    = approx 10m² 

    Floor Tiles 1 Litre
    = approx 5m² 



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